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Alyssum is a great covercrop, Alyssum seedlings can tolerate light frost, Companions with Peas, Lettuce, Spinach, Lobelia and Geranium. In white or pastel shades, alyssum in the perfect little flower to tuck into the corners of beds, or you can grow it beneath tall vegetables or among herbs. Alyssum is famous for attracting tiny wasps and other beneficial insects.

It used as a living mulch, It shades the soil, keeping it moist, which allows the soil to support the beneficial organisms that live in the soil. Alyssum provides above-ground habitat for beneficial insects. Providing undisturbed habitat is an important part of attracting beneficial insects to the garden.
Alyssum provides food (nectar and pollen) for natural predators such as wasps and hover flys, helping them to thrive and reproduce so that they can kill the pests that could damage the crops.


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