Cover Crops Mixes

The predesigned cover crops mixes are suggested biodiverse solutions, which can be ordered. Many underperformance situations can be unique, you can call us and we can work with you to design customised solutions

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A summer safe, persistent mix containing no ryegrass. 12 WAY is fast to establish with good springtime Dry Matter (DM) production. 12WAY is a great mix for those looking to reduce synthetic Nitrogen input and increase sub-soil microbial activity. With high digestibility and a strong legume base this mix contributes to both soil and animal health while performing well under dryland conditions. 12WAY has a very low grass staggers index and produces balanced intake levels of Metabolisable Energy (ME), protein and fiber with a good ratio of NDF to ADF.



  • Fast establishing
  • High protein structures
  • Bulk springtime dry matter (DM)
  • Strong legume content
  • Persistent under dryland conditions
  • Does not include ryegrass


20 WAY EnviroPasture is a persistent, perennial based seed mix. 20WAY Includes all 5 of the plant families required for the synergistic interaction that occurs between High diversity crops and soil. 20WAY is a resilient mix that can thrive in tough conditions, producing feed through dry spells and the depths of winter. 20 way has a strong focus on bulk Dry Matter (DM) and high levels of Metabolisable energy (ME) with comparable tests showing high digestibility. Producing a balance of NDF to ADF and good levels of protein our mix ensures good feed for stock in even the toughest of conditions. 20WAY scores very low on the grass stagger index. Planting in Autumn or Spring.


  • Contains 20 varieties prompting synergistic interactions
  • Bulk dry matter (DM) production
  • High level of Metabolisable energy
  • High protein levels
  • Can be sown in Autumn or or Spring
  • Provides good feed in tough conditions


Reboot is a High yielding, High Dry Matter (DM) producing mix providing strong remedial benefits without compromising on your feed production. Reboot is a perennial pasture based mix. Reboot ensures high levels of vegetative growth to be used for grazing or soil re-entry via mulching & cultivation. Over the course of its life reboot will increase nitrogen levels, sub-soil fungal activity and water retention capabilities. REBOOT is a well balanced mix that also suits horticultural situations where compaction and pollination are also issues.


  • Proven high soil carbon sequestration
  • A medium to long term regenerative seed mix
  • Bulk dry matter yields for grazing or soil re-entry
  • Significantly alleviates compaction
  • Good winter activity 


Suitable as a stand alone annual crop or for annual undersowing, Soil Builder mix is focused on revitalizing the soil without using large quantities of synthetic fertilizers. This mix allows the soil to breathe and aerate as well as increasing organic matter and nitrogen levels. Encouraging synergistic interactions between plants and soil, the use of cereals, herbs, legumes, chenopod and brassica ensures soil health benefits as well as leaving perennial base for future sowing. Seed to soil contact is vital when implementing sowing strategies.


  • Stand alone, annual crop or for undersowing
  • Stimulates sub-soil microbiology
  • Encourages synergistic relationships between plant and soil
  • Produces high quality bulk Dry matter
  • Best for conditioning your soil before you add perennial crop 


Designed as an annual summer crop with the ability for multiple regrazing, this mix provides feed in both quality and quantity. This mix is highly palatable with the bulk of its growth occurring in late spring and early summer, followed quickly by regrowth after subsequent grazings. This mix is a punchy, short term feed option providing large quantities of dry matter in a short amount of time. Leaving with perennial base.


  • Annual summer crop providing multiple grazings
  • Bulk dry matter (DM) in early Summer
  • Highly palatable
  • Great flexibility allowing multiple grazings
  • Quick regrowth post grazing 


The winter feed mix is a short term, annual crop that will provide high levels of dry matter with an opportunity for regrazing after the initial feed. Although this mix has an annual base, the legumes and herbaceous species allow this mix to keep producing through first grazing, meaning multiple feeds late in the season. This helps bridge the gap between traditional winter crops and springtime growth.


  • Annual winter crop providing multiple grazings
  • Contains winter active legumes
  • Produces bulk feed with the option to re-graze
  • Provides greater flexibility than traditional winter crops
  • Adds flexibility around re-sowing timing


Pre-Orchard soil Reboot is a mid to long term regenerative program that provides strong remedial benefits to soil prior to planting. This mix produces high levels of organic matter and restores natural balance.


  • Prepares soil prior to orchard development
  • Provides bulk organic matter
  • Alleviates compaction
  • Encourages subsoil biological activity
  • Attracts beneficial insects


Kiwifruit Orchard

Our Kiwifruit mixes provide the foundation to a more regenerative orchard floor with species that are shade tolerant, better suited to high traffic areas and stimulate soil microbial activity. Providing excellent Nitrogen, improving water infiltration while attracting beneficial insects.


  • Shade tolerant
  • Fast establishing
  • Strong legume content
  • A low maintenance crop
  • Fast establishing
  • Encourages synergistic relationships between plant and soil
  • Provides organic matter
  • Increases nutrient retention
  • Reduces compaction


avocado mix

Ideal for pre establishment areas and established orchards.Our Avocado Orchard mixes Reinvigorate soil and biological activity, builds soil carbon, provides natural nitrogen and scavenge Phosphate. Our mix attracts beneficial insects, promotes fungal activity and can be harvested after seed set for fungal mulch.


  • Promotes fungal activity
  • Attracts beneficial insects
  • Fixes, scavenges and unlocks sub-soil nutrients
  • Alleviates compaction
  • Provides organic matter appropriate for mulch or compost


Calm Healthy Horse Mix is lower in NSC (sugars) Then ‘high production’ ryegrasses/tall fescues and other ‘higher yield’ solutions. When growing grass for horses it is not about ‘yield’. To keep your horses healthy, we designed this mix which does not contain any hormonally active compounds, so you can be sure in the product you buy.


  •  Low sugar content,
  • NIL endophyte
  • Persistent perennial mix
  • Dry land tolerance


A seed blend which has been specifically engineered for bee health and increased honey production.


  •  Developed to be planted within existing production areas,
  • Provides an alternative feed source
  • Naturally palatable, our mix can be grazed during the cooler months providing food for bees and livestock
  • Your holistic and sustainable approach to honey production


    Our unique flower seed mix that can be used in any setting bringing a vista of colour to wherever it is planted. When coupled with correct soil prep and sowing methods this mix results in a highly attractive floral stand.


    • Suitable to all situations
    • Staggered flowering dates for year round interest
    • Aesthetically pleasing
    • Attracts beneficial insects and microorganisms and provides food for bees and butterflies
    • Naturally reseeds


    Pre mixed Enviropature Seed mixes the minimum sale is one hectare . Some Enviro mixes are bagged in less than one hectare lots , then you can purchase 1 bag

    Custom Seed mixes can only be undertaken for a minimum of 3 hectare coverage.

    Individual species seed ; min. sale is one bag ( normally 20/25kg)