Kofert Seaweed Tonic

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NZ Seaweed extract is especially designed for your soil and plant health.

Used by those who contribute to the greater care of our planet by caring for their plants and soil.

KoFert is a liquid seaweed derived concentration to promote plant and soil vitality. A truly unique blend of NZ seaweed species resulting in a seaweed extract containing beneficial naturally occurring biostimulants, amino acids and multiple trace elements.

Here at Pastoral Improvements we liked KoFert , and the advantages it brings, so much we have invested in it. KoFert was developed by Scientists at NZ Manuka, researched and produced specifically to increase plant and soil health.

We are in the business of finding natural based solutions and Seaweed products fit perfectly with our philosophy.

KoFert is an essential partner to our extensive Pastoral seed range and our Enviopastue seed mixes.



    • KoFert is a natural nutrient rich plant food providing quick efficient and absorbable food for your plants.
    • Designed to help improve plant and soil biology, it’s a great plant and soil tonic with no harmful residues.
    • KoFert uses freshly collected seaweed species combined specifically for this purpose. The mixed blend of up to 10 red, green and brown seaweeds each have unique nutritional profiles which combine to provide naturally occurring mineral, trace elements and amino acids which are readily available to plant and soil biology.
    • KoFert is formulated for plant and soil vitality structure and function it contains beneficial naturally occurring biostimulants amino acids and multiple trace elements, see attached data sheet.
    • KoFert is manufactured using a fermentation process this breaks down the trace elements in perfect balance and makes them readily available to plants and soil.
    • KoFert will help to produce healthier root systems thus increasing soil biology and maximizing nutrient uptake.
    • KoFert gives a foliar boost as it provides a natural pathway to maximize plant health.
    • KoFert has been shown to enhance the effectiveness of many modern herbicides and fungicides.
    • Seaweed has been used for thousands of years, it offers a balance full range of nutrients.



> Application Rates

Pastures/Foliar Spray: 5 litres per hectare

Cropping: 5-10 litres per hectare

> Dilution Rates

  • Aerial Application

1 part KoFert to 2 parts water

(Optimum 1 to 3)


  • Ground Application

Boom, Rose, Jet

1 part KoFert to 30 parts water

(Optimum 1 to 50)

Quad / C-Dax – 60 litre tank

1 part KoFert to 6 parts water


> Horticulture and Orchards

10 litres per hectare

Monthly – 1 part KoFert to 50 parts water

> Trickle Irrigation

1 part KoFert to 100 parts water

> Application timing

Optimum application times are early morning or late evening – Do not apply in direct sunlight

> Seasonal Application

Early Spring

Early Autumn

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