Kobee Seaweed Tonic

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Developed by Beekeepers for Beekeepers in NZ.

Kobee is a liquid seaweed derived concentrated tonic for supplementing bee food, it contains naturally extracted amino acids and trace elements necessary for strong healthy hives and happy productive bees.

Here at Pastoral Improvements we liked Kobee and the results it brings to beekeepers, so much we have invested in it. KoBee was developed by Scientists at NZ Manuka, researched and produced specifically to increase bee health and honey production, and of course to provide total nutrition.

We are in the business of finding natural based solutions and Seaweed products fit perfectly with our philosophy
Kobee is an essential partner to our extensive Pastoral seed range and our Enviopastue seed mixes.


  • KoBee is a natural mineral and amino acid supplement to be added to bee feed for optimal bee vitality and hive health (acids are the essential building blocks to optimal bee health.)
  • Including the essential amino acids Kobee also contains the recommended daily requirement of minerals & trace elements.
  • Kobee uses freshly collected seaweed species combined specifically for this purpose.The mixed blend of up to 10 red, green and brown seaweeds each have unique nutritional profiles which combine to give a much wider range of nutrients.
  • Kobee has the highest amino acid profile of all similar products avail in NZ
  • The manufacturing process ensures the seaweed is washed to reduce the sodium content. Important for your honey production.
  • Kobee is manufactured using a fermentation process this breaks down the trace elements in perfect balance and makes them readily available to the bees, yeast has the added property of adding a Vitamin B supplement

Available in 1000 litre and 20 litre containers delivered nationwide.

The Kobee Range offers the best value for your bee nutrition, compared to anything else on the market.



Use Kobee as part of your regular feeding cycle to ensure your hives stay strong year round, feed when honey is harvested pre-winter and again as a pre-honey production boost in spring.

The ideal dilution is recommended by beekeepers at 20/30ml per litre of sugar syrup. Because Kobee is such a balanced product it is near impossible to over supplement with our product.

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