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They attract bees, butterflies and other beneficial insects, Their open flowers provide easy access to nectar and pollen. You can never have enough pollinators and predator insects in your garden, helping pollinate and pest manage for you. Cosmos flowers are magnets for beneficial insects like lacewings, parasitic wasps, tachinid flies and hoverflies that feed on many pest insects and provide free pollination services.

They are easy to grow, Even in tough, hot or dry conditions with little water. They seem to flower best in poor soils with less organic matter which encourages lots of leaves at the expense of blooms. They are often seen growing along the road side in full sun, with no fertilizer in the soil and surviving on rain and dew. Perfect if you have a difficult climate!

A low-maintenance flower without many pest problems is a bonus. Ideally, sow your cosmos in amongst other flowers like marigolds and nasturtiums, vegetables and flowering herbs. A diversely planted garden, even in a pot or tub will reduce the likelihood of an imbalance in pest insects.
Whilst cosmos seeds need water to germinate so seedlings establish, I’ve noticed they flower even without regular watering. Perfect if you’re a neglectful plant ‘parent’ or live in a climate with little rainfall!

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